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Integral Stick Repair

UHS Pro Shop – Integral Hockey Stick Repair

It’s a simple concept: you paid a lot of money for your twig. Why throw it away when you break it at your practice, game, pick up, or stick time? We can fix all one-piece sticks from junior to senior, and goalie sticks as well. We can fix all makes and models of hockey sticks.

Our pricing is as follows:

$50.00 per stick. It’s as simple as that.

We guarantee the repaired area (Sorry no Blades) of any stick for 36 days from delivery.

We currently provide pick up and drop off to players at following rinks in the

Lucan Arena

Exeter Arena

St. Marys Arena

Let us help you and your team at your local rink next!

Check out our Photos page to see some before & after examples of our work.

We hope to fix your sticks soon! You can reach us through our Contact Us page above. Thank you for your interest in our services. Game on!