How To Accomplish Your Goal


Have you ever wondered what life will bring you? What direction you maybe going? It doesn’t matter what stage in your life or career you are in I think most folks sit back and think about these questions, I know I do.

I also know a few people out there who think about these things but do very little about them, hey that’s their choice I guess but I do hope it isn’t your’s.

You see to accomplish anything good or even great in your life you need a dream, a vision or to down play it a bit, you need a goal. And the reason I say ‘down play it‘ and you will fine this out later why but it’s because there are dream crashers out there who as I have always say, “Dysfunctional people hate seeing healthy progression of character in others” – Don’t let these people get you down ok!

Over the next little while I will be sharing my perspective of “Goal Setting” and how to get yourself going in the right direction. We will be looking at the process of setting your goals, how to get started and then how to keep moving forward towards the ultimate accomplishment which will be the end result. Along the way there will tips and warnings to look at and discuss because with all great dreams and goals there comes different ‘things’ that sometimes get in the way right!

Now you maybe saying, “Hey Coach what does this have to do with Hockey?” well I say it’s everything that has to do with hockey. You have to remember this great game we play is just not on the ice or in the weight room, this great game is also played and thought between those two hearing devices on the side of your head-your ears! and what is in the head, the brain. You see the brain is a very powerful computer which if it isn’t always fine tuned will not work properly. I like to call this stage of the game the Hockey Tough or Mental Tough stage of your career. As I said earlier on it doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete just going into your minor midget draft year or you have already gone through the trials of playing Junior or even College hockey you will need to continue to re-shape the mind and the way you think just as much as the healthy body you keep.

There is already great people out there that do and say the same things we will be covering over the next little while and that’s all great and I suggest you check them out. Such as Craig Sigi of Mental Toughness a outstanding teacher who breaks things down to the level for all to understand. Another gentleman that I read and listen to and he has nothing to do with sports but is a business man Brain Tracy -Brian Tracy International who goes through several steps on how to reach your goals and accomplishments, all great stuff to go over.

But why listen to this ‘ol Coach and all you have to do is check out these sites? Well maybe it’s because I have been through it myself and that I have been coaching these success guidelines for years to players who have gone onto bigger and better things (Junior, College and Professional leagues) But also you may want to check out what we have to say, because you may see something that you haven’t seen or heard before or something might just click in that brain and you say, ” Oh ya that’s what that means! ” you just never know.

Goal quote

Before I go I want you all to do a couple of things for me but more importantly, for yourself. Start with getting some paper or pen or even turn on the computer to blank page and start with this. Your personal success is a result of two things:

1. You must know exactly what you want.

2. You must determine the price you are willing to pay to succeed.

I like you take your time and really think about these two points and reach deep inside yourself and search yourself through and through. If you already have done something like this great but do it again with real meaning ok because one word or small sentence answers don’t cut it here. When you have to answer a question like the first one, dig deep and write down everything in greatest detail, you will be surprised at what you see and what you feel, go ahead give it a shot.

So the next time you join me we will be able to take these two questions and work from there and expand your writings but more importantly expand your thinking and your GOALS!

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